The Age-Old Question

It’s been a frustrating week here at the Beaglez trying to find news and commentary that wasn’t about Anthony Weiner.   When you think about it – the whole scandal is pretty lame. A guy likes to send naughty pictures and talk dirty to internet strangers.  He freaked out and lied, then confessed.  Yawn.  I hear more interesting things from people  in my office on a daily basis.  But the news (as an arm of entertainment) did a good job of distracting us from our economic woes, war and gridlock for another week.

Among the news stories I found around the corners:

Mitt Romney tells a group of unemployed people that he is also unemployed. It was supposed to be a joke and show his patented trademarked “self-deprecating humor”.  First – I find false humility to be just that – False.  Second – A millionaire joking about unemployment when people are desperate and hurting is in poor taste, indeed.  As we used to say in middle school, “You think you’re funny but you’re not.”

The Progressive sector says its “breaking up” with Obama. If only someone would remind them that chewing your foot off to get out of a trap often leaves you crippled.  I am sad the promises of marriage equality and the DREAM Act got ditched or put on hold. But, I am also aware Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed, a National AIDS Policy unveiled, and as much as I’m ready to be married legally – there really are other things going on in the world right now (Like those unemployed people Mitt Romney just spit on).   We all know Progressives aren’t going to vote Republican (with the decidedly regressive candidates they are offering) – so they aren’t really making an effective stand, and they are providing loads of doubt for undecided voters.  A better policy would be to work for a better future by supporting the party that wants to help them not by undermining it like a group of pouting children.

Glitter Bombing. What a stupid idea.  If tossing pink glitter on a heterocentrist is the BEST we can do to draw attention to LGBT rights and women’s rights – then it’s a sad day for all of us.  Go back  to the drawing board, people!  (Besides, I’m sure 5 minutes after the glitter landed on Pawlenty – it suddenly turned gray and blended into his personality, never to be seen again.)


~ by beaglezmom on June 17, 2011.

6 Responses to “The Age-Old Question”

  1. Right on about Weinergate. It will be interesting to see what happens on the next discretion by a member of Congress. I ask, was Anthony Weiner’s actions worse than Charlie Rangel’s?

    Good point about the progressives. Their actions are reminding me of the Tea Party.

    Poor T-Paw … you would should market his speeches to cure insomnia without drugs.

  2. If only someone would remind them that chewing your foot off to get out of a trap often leaves you crippled.

    You sooo nailed this. I don’t get that thinking at all either! I can’t believe I didn’t hear about the “glitter bombing” considering it was here. You’re right it won’t do anything, but I would have loved to see that happening live. 🙂

  3. Frank – “The times they are a changin'” – Bush can lie to congress, Cheney can sanction torture, Rove can reveal CIA agents, Clinton can get a BJ…without any real consequence — but things are so tense now – every straw is the camel’s back.

    Spinny — From the time I spent in SF (I went to Golden Gate Theological in mill valley) I seem to remember someone wearing pink glitter was more the norm than the news. 🙂 But – yeah – it would have been fun — then we could call him T-Pink. (oops — Belle just frowned at me).

  4. Just taking a cruise through your archives. Got ya bookmarked 🙂

    • YAY! The Beaglez always love welcoming folks to chat and share a snack or too. Throw Briscoe a bone and she will tell you anything. I really loved the art on your “Blithering Idiot” blog.

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